Why another blog about development and business practices or tools?

brain sketch

With my experience as a product manager and previously project manager in a software development, I tried most techniques in standard, agile or lean methods, tried plenty of tools that are supposed to help us with our business, from innovation methods through business modeling to getting the feedback after a delivery. Honestly said, I failed many times. But failing is step forward, right?

I’ll start with simple comparisons, tools or methods which you might know already, but I’d like to offer these “simple” things to people who have never tried them. So stay with us and soon, I show less known stuff.

Now, I offer these methods, tools and best practices to you. I will be using sketch notes which is actually my primary motivation – to learn sketch noting. I recently started using this technique to make notes not just in a written form, but with the visual help – at the same time as we listen. As the result, we should remember the outputs easier since human brain understands visuals faster than characters. By the way, did you know that your brain considers each letter as a graphic, too? So, how about reducing them?

In the upcoming months, I’ll primarily focus on speeding up while making my visual notes, so I can use sketches for daily notes and during work meetings. I need to make it in minutes and still provide meaningful outputs.

And of course, I am seeking for feedback, if I am using understandable forms, if it helped you and how, would you change anything, am I wrong somewhere or did you experience it differently? Please share your thoughts if I am not detailed enough. Thank you!

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