Sketch #5: Create Products Your Customers Will Love (Part 1/2)

Are there moments that you have a feeling you work on wrong solutions for your customers? Is it hard to understand what they really need? Is there simply too much information about customer challenges and you do not know how to orient in it? Or how to effectively manage it? Or convince others to work on your solution for customers? Are you frustrated by never-ending discussions with your colleagues about what to work on next?

If you answered ‘yes’ at least once, then you might want to try Value Proposition Design, the technique introduced by Alex Osterwalder. This method will help you to understand and organize what customers really need. Additionally, you’ll learn an easy-to-use language to avoid unnecessary ‘blah, blah, blah’ conversations with your stakeholders.

This first sketch is an introduction to the designing your value proposition, part 2 goes deeper into the detail in order to help you to avoid typical mistakes – take a look.

You can download an empty canvas template here. But since it is simple, use your white board, draw canvas by yourself, ask your team to join, prepare sticky notes and start working on best products/services that will solve your customers needs  😉


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