Sketch #12: Value Proposition Design Template Including Trigger Questions

Where Value Proposition Design Comes From

Value Proposition is a subset of business modelling tools like Business Model Design or Lean Business Model Design. You can use it separately or together with these tools. All credit for the source of the tool and trigger questions goes to and Strategyzer AG.


The goal of the Value Proposition is to look at customer needs, create hypotheses and analyse them quickly, so you can propose best solution for them.

What This Graphic Will Help You With?

I am bringing you the high-resolution graphic, which you can print on big size paper (A1-A0), stick on the wall or put on the table and make a workshop with your teams.

Additionally, this canvas contains the trigger questions – what to ask for each section. Why I am putting it on canvas directly? Well, when you’ll be adding your post-notes in there, isn’t it better to have questions directly in front of eyes? Everyone looks same direction – on post-notes and questions at the same time, no additional papers needed.


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Download the full size picture

Feel free to download the full size picture from following Dropbox link if you have any troubles with downloading from WordPress.



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