Sketch #13: Forget Inefficient Team Retrospectives

Last week, my colleague Tomas Kejzlar introduced my team to a new systematic method for running team retrospectives. I loved it since it made the retrospective very focused and effective, so I sketched it for you. By the way, if you are interested in bit provocative, but still highly helpful thoughts of agile and tips for your work, check Tomas’s blogs at and

My sketch is prepared in a high resolution (Drrobpox download – click top right Download button) as well, so you can print it on A2-A0 size paper, stick on a wall or put on a table and use for retrospective right away.

How to use this method?

Print my canvas (Drobpox download – click top right Download button) or sketch it on your own on a whiteboard/flip chart.

Step 1

First, agree on the time, how much you want to dedicate to your retrospective. Write it in a space under #1 step on the printed canvas if you are using my sketch.

Step 2

Make sure to align on the way how you run the meeting. Avoid blaming.

Step 3

Create timeline, mark the start and the end of your iteration (sprint, release,…). Think of any important events happened during your iteration.

Write them all directly on canvas or use post-notes.

Step 4

What were the biggest successes? Use post-notes and put them on the canvas.

Step 5

What were the biggest difficulties? Use post-notes and put them on the canvas.

Step 6

What you’d like to keep doing as the team? Use post-notes and generate as many as possible ideas. Put them down on the second board next to your retrospective canvas.

Step 7

What you think you should stop doing? Put them down on the board next to the retrospective canvas.

Step 8

Is there anything you’d like to change and do differently next time? Put them down on the board next to the retrospective canvas.

Step 9

Think of list of things in steps 7 & 8 and collectively choose 3 biggest things you want to stop or you want to do differently next time. Write them directly on the canvas. This is your action plan – talk about it and agree how you’ll do it.


Easy, isn’t it?


  1. I like the fresh and fun take on “all time” agile tools. I nice spin to keep things interesting. I am working on content for my website, and I will add the links to your work, if you don’t mind.


  2. I like the creativity to have a funner retro. Unfortunalety I am having trouble to download the high resolution canvas in Dropbox :/


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