Hi everyone,

 Agile Wheel blog describes the tools & techniques I am using, or I have tried in my software development experience.

I have started my product management career in 2010. Before that, I spent over 5 years in QA, engineering, and project management. I love sketching, so I offer you some of my favorite methods in visual form – sketch noting.

My side job is mentoring the startups as an independent consultant (typically for free as a friend). I help startups as a product management mentor for Startup with Google or as an expert in International Startup Accelerator organized by JIC in Czech republic. Lastly, I organize Product Tank in Brno, under the umbrella of Mind the Product

Feel free to use my sketches for business, education, or personal needs. Still, I request you to refer to my website in your article/post/content and to keep the link to my blog (www.AgileWheel.com) and the black&white icon of my dog Max in the graphic itself.

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