Agile Wheel blog describes the tools & techniques I am using or I have tried in my software development experience.

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I have over 6 years experience in a product management (software development) and over 5 years in a project management where I had a chance to work with biggest IT companies in the world. Now, I offer these best practices to you and hope you’ll find useful and inspiring the form I am using – sketch noting.

My side job is mentoring the startups as an independent consultant (typically for free as friend) and also, I help startups as a product management mentor for Startup with Google or as an expert in International Startup Accelerator organised by JIC in Czech republic.

Feel free to use my sketches for business, education or personal needs, but I request you to refer to my website in your article/post/content and to keep the link to my blog (www.AgileWheel.com) and the black&white icon of my dog Max in the graphic itself.

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